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Spanish Sidra

A Big Glass of Sidra

March 9, 2018

Until I went to Spain last year, I did not appreciate the different types and qualities of cider. There, in the northwest, in Oviedo, Asturias, I discovered the pleasures of the region’s famous cider, or sidra. It differs greatly from Angry Orchard or any other hard cider you may have had. And the best place to get sidra, in all of Espana, is the Calle Gascona, a street in Oviedo lined with sidrerías, cider bars.

Sidra is a cultural art form in Asturias. The waiter or bartender holds the bottle above his head with the glass by his waist, aerating the sidra as he pours and giving it a distinct, crisp flavor. It’s a deliciously satisfying drink—but be careful: sidra contains very little alcohol (4% to 6%), but it can be potent to newcomers.

The seven months I spent studying in peaceful Oviedo were by far the best of my life. It was welcoming and not overrun by tourists. Oviedo is a city of many memorable charms, but none, to my taste, exceeds its sidra.

Written By:


Kenny Hyland


  • Avatar adelaide says:

    Hey Kenny,

    I’m wondering where I can get a bottle of sidra in the U.S. It sounds delicious! Do you have any recommendations? I’m always down to try new foods from around the world.

  • Avatar siobhan says:

    I was born in Ireland but I moved to the U.S. when I was 10. I’ve always been interested in Spanish culture and my parents took me on a trip Spain when I was 5, but I don’t remember much of it. After reading about sidra, I asked my parents if they ever drank it when we were in Spain and they said they did! Now I want to go back, mainly for the sidra, unless I can find some here, just to try it.

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