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Blue Apron Delivers

March 9, 2018

I’d heard a lot of good things about Blue Apron, the 6-year old meal-delivery service, so recently I—student, self-proclaimed food critic, committed vegetable gardener—decided to give it a try. The result? Much satisfaction, and a few things that didn’t quite work for me.

Here’s how it all went down in my adventures with Blue Apron’s two-person meals (I didn’t need family size). I received a kit with all the ingredients and directions for cooking a vegetable quinoa dish. I was impressed by the exotic vegetables, like fairytale eggplant, various types of mushroom, and tons of different kinds of peppers. The ice in the carton hadn’t melted and everything was still chilled.

In the box I found perfectly portioned ingredients for the recipe: one egg (in its own cardboard egg container), half a teaspoon of paprika in tiny bag, etc. This method was interesting and made me feel almost frugal, because instead of buying a larger container of paprika (which I might not use again for years) I got only what I needed, without the pressure to use things before they go bad.

This, I realized, was the main reason I had tended not to try new recipes, because of my aversion to waste. Cooking the meal, per the directions, was fun and easy. I was very pleased at the quality: the ingredients were potent, and the vegetables had a fresh snap to them. I cooked up a great meal. I loved everything about it, it was convenient, and healthy, and delicious.

So why didn’t I find myself rushing back to place a new order? My answer: the assembly and the multiple ingredients. As a student, it’s tough for me to cook something unfamiliar every time I want a meal. If I had a dinner date planned, and wanted to impress, sure maybe I would place another order. During the summertime and on the weekends, I could definitely see this as a hobby.

Blue Apron is great for a celebration, a unique twist, a fun project. If you’re the type of person with energy to cook after your work days, it may be a great system for you—and it’s certainly worth a try.

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Liz Weatherby


  • Avatar rachel says:

    I tried blue apron once this summer and had a similar experience. I will say I did like their choice of veggies and fresh produce. I do agree that you need some time to be able to cook the meals, but I love to cook and usually have the time. So this service was probably an 8 out of 10 for me. Happy to have tried it regardless.

  • Avatar adelaide says:

    I have yet to try Blue Apron, but I want to. I’m always overwhelmed when I go to the grocery store because all the food looks delicious, I just don’t know how to buy ingredients that go well together. I like how Blue Apron sends you pre-portioned ingredients for specific meals. No more worrying about what to buy in the store! Thanks for the advice, Liz!

  • Avatar siobhan says:

    My question is how do they keep the fresh food from going bad if it’s just sitting on your porch all day long?

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