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Don’t Throw Anything Out!

March 22, 2018

A few years ago you donated your overalls to Goodwill as embarrassments—well, too bad: someone else is parading around in them. The fashions of the 1990s seem to have returned as styles to be rocked. Let’s sift through the popular trends to see what’s going on.

Jelly Shoes

Same as they always were: colorful, jelly, glittery, clear, and eccentric.

Fur Everything

Faux fur jackets and vegan fur are hugely popular. Paired with heels, suits, or formal outfits, the fur-everything trend is definitely back when the weather agrees. With a sleek outfit, fur accessories add the perfect touch of flair.


Big, bulky accessories are back in peoples’ hair—a piece of nostalgia, reminding girls of their younger fashionista selves.


Overalls, jackets, high waisted jeans, shirts, shoes, you name it, all denim, all the time. With overalls (one strap off the shoulder, or the whole top folded down), pair the ‘90s scrunchies and get the real old school vibe.

Platform Shoes and Sneakers

Not just for men’s dress shoes anymore, platforms have made their way to sandals, sneakers, high heels, and boots. If it’s a shoe, it’s in platform.


A choker now goes with almost any outfit, female version—BUT the design rules for outfits have completely changed since chokers were last seen, so wearability and effortlessness are choker musts.

Matching Sets

Thinking of elementary school teachers of yore, and old Juicy Couture jumpsuits, we’re repurposing the matching set. Instead of dress pants and a blazer that matched with the same print, we’re seeing matching sets of skirts and crop tops or some sort of matching top & bottom, as with Fashion Nova for formal/casual outfits, and Adidas for workout and tracksuits.

Cat Eye and Rounded Rimmed Glasses

Face it: Beatles-esque glasses are back. Face shape is not important; try any type of glasses you want. For example, Cat Eyes used to have a celebrity feel; now they express an edgy vibe—not so extra anymore. Extra is the new black.

Out with the old, in with the new; but often the old is the new. Is there a rhyme or reason? Maybe. But what really matters is that fashion is all about self-expression. Whether you’re into ‘90s retro, motorcycle jackets, or cowboy boots, express how you feel. Just don’t be so quick to recycle those clothes you don’t wear anymore! They may come back into style, much sooner than you’d imagine.

Are you into fashion? What are your favorites? Have you seen a revival of 90s looks? What do you think?

Written By:


Liz Weatherby


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