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Keeping Up with Mental Health Issues

May 10, 2018

It’s important to stay aware of developments in the profession: to read widely in learned journals, to know about and comply with regulations (HIPAA, state laws, etc.), and to maintain your CE (continuing education). Here’s a quick resource list:

  • News and Research – National Institute of Mental Health – This powerhouse website has news and research on mental health disorders and treatment methods. It’s sortable by year, disorder, and research date.>
  • Standards of Practice – The American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work has much info about practice standards (position statements on advanced practice, a white paper proposing a CSW model practice act, results of court cases, etc.) The ACSWA (American Clinical Social Work Assoc.) site offers a chance to participate in a discussion of these matters.
  • Continuing Education – Visit the website of your state licensing board to see about standards for continuing education hour requirements. Approved CEs are widely available online.
  • Prevalence and Statistics – Information about the prevalence of a disorder, or changes therein over time, may be accessed at the site National Alliance of Mental Health (check out Mental Health by the Numbers)

Being knowledgeable about innovations in practice, as well as new research and changes in regulation, is a key to your professionalism. Stay connected at ACSWA and EPICC websites, and share with us your thoughts on this topic. Do you know of other resources? Would you like to share a story about the importance of staying up-to-date? Contact EPICC.

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Sara Berkowitz

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