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Resumes with Heart & Soul

May 10, 2018

One of the first steps toward finding your clinical social work job is writing a dynamite resume—one that will, in a page or two, give you full credit for your accomplishments and the sequence in which you achieved them. Here are some tips.

  • Consider your Objective. You are writing, first, for a Human Resources professional who sees lots of letters and resumes. Yours must be above average, at the least. Be personal and passionate in the letter with a statement about your motivations and your career so far and what you want next and your goals for the next few years.
  • Logical Format. Organize the resume as follows: Professional Summary, Education, Relevant Social Work Experience, Work Experience, Summary of Skills, Professional Affiliations, Volunteer Experience, Publications, Relevant Coursework, Activities, Honors.
  • Be Detailed. Do not assume that the hiring manager knows what you’ve already done: show it off, including a range of clients and their age/gender/behaviors/therapies used. Showcase your specific responsibilities and skills.
  • Include Accomplishments. In each summary, spotlight your resourcefulness in starting or adding to new programs and special events for clients, and how these benefited the organization.
  • Tailor Your Resume. Depending on the type of clinical social work job, craft your resume to reflect your own relevant experiences—practice approaches, populations, or challenges you faced, in what settings and at what level of authority.
  • Add Interesting Details – Did you take part in any grant writing or were awarded any honors in your field placement or past experiences? Have you attended seminars, participated in webinars or made presentations? Blogged on clinical topics? Earned a certificate? Use everything you can to give your resume the full flavor of who you are and what you’ve done.

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Sara Berkowitz

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