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EPICC is the online national 24/7 meet-up for clinical social work students and new clinical practitioners: interact with peers, track news and trends, and plug in to career opportunities.

What’s up with licensure and how should you prep for it? What’s the connection between policy and practice? Who values clinical social work most in the marketplace? How do you start a career? How might you start a private practice? To join EPICC and connect with all of clinical social work, visit our page to Join.

We have two membership options, Basic (Free) and Full ($35). Membership gives you access to great benefits: $35 for a year of professional liability insurance for students, eligibility for scholarships and access to clinical ebooks, participation in many forums and forms of social media, support from a community of students and practitioners across America.

EPICC is backed by the online ACSWA (American Clinical Social Work Association), mission-driven to promote the profession of clinical social work, and by the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work (ABE), the premiere standard-setting and credentialing board for advanced practice. ABE and ACSWA are operations of the not-for-profit Center for Clinical Social Work.

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