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August 4

@mkborka Visit for more information about BCD certification

July 31

The ABCSW wants to hear from YOU! Send an email to telling us what your BCD certification means to y…

July 14

We are pleased to announce our new name & logo - American Board of Clinical Social Work (ABCSW). This change best r…

June 26

The American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work is united with the voices being raised across America who a…

June 4

CCSW Newsletter - June 2020: Exciting Changes Coming Soon: #clinicalsocialwork

May 18

Check out this free webinar from the American College of Healthcare Executives: Proactively Addressing Clinician Me…

May 7

CCSW Newsletter - May 2020: Updated COVID-19 Resources: #clinicalsocialwork

April 28

Please complete our survey to help us asses future needs of clinical social workers. Respondents eligible for $50 A…

April 24

Read our latest blog post: Translating Adult Conflicts into Child Language:…

April 20

It’s National Volunteer Week! We want to recognize & honor the countless individuals who selflessly invest in the l…

April 17

RT @samhsagov: SAMHSA recognizes the challenges posed by the #COVID19 situation and is providing guidance and resources to assist individua…

April 15

Read our latest blog post: The reliving strategies of our brains: #clinicalsocialwork

April 14

High EQ leadership: 10 ways to put your people first during the pandemic #clinicalsocialwork

April 8

Latest blog post: Anxiety Reducing Tips for National Emergencies: #clinicalsocialwork

April 3

Center for Clinical Social Workers April Newsletter: COVID-19 Resources Available:…

March 30

The Psychological Trauma That Awaits Our Doctors and Nurses

March 25

The Center for Clinical Social Work (CCSW) has compiled a list of COVID-19 resources for clinical social workers:…

March 23

THE CCSW is looking for Board members to help lead the organization. Deadline to submit nominations is this Friday.…

March 19

RT @afspnational: Here’s advice for preserving your mental health while avoiding physical proximity:

March 19

RT @NASWNJ: Now available to stream on demand, "Parents, Kids & Mental Health During COVID-19" featuring Pat Spencer, LCSW and Jennifer Tho…

March 19

RT @newsocialworker: Social workers who are still going to work, what safety measures are being put into place in your workplace? I'd like…

March 18

RT @NIMHgov: Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are completely normal during times like this. If you need support coping with the events o…

March 17

RT @NASWNCINTL: Happy World Social Work Day! #WDSWD2020 #WorldSocialWorkDay #SocialWorkMonth #SWM2020 How are you celebrating today? https…

March 11

Dr. William Haseltine: Social workers have a key role to play in the war against coronavirus #ClinicalSocialWork

March 9

Read our latest blog "Shame/Reunion Dramas": #ClinicalSocialWork

March 5

Read our latest blog "Turning Recycling Dramas into Repairing Dramas": #ClinicalSocialWork

March 3

The Center for Clinical Social Work call for nominations is now open. Deadline to submit is Friday, March 27th:…

March 2

RT @nasw: Happy #SocialWork Month! #NASW marks this occasion by sharing an animated short on the power and future of our profession! #SWGen…

February 28

Encouraging Someone to Seek Help | Psychology Today

February 28

Social workers lobby Ky. legislators, governor to highlight the need for more workers

February 28

RT @AASuicidology: "Many suicide prevention experts say combating suicide requires a holistic approach that includes communities, families,…

February 25

RT @NIMHgov: It's #NEDAwareness Week (National Eating Disorders Awareness Week). Eating disorders are serious medical illnesses, and the wa…

January 23

New CCSWA Headquarters and Management Team:

December 20

RT @NIMHgov: NIMH-funded researchers at @uvmvermont develop mobile app to predict PTSD In trauma victims

December 18

RT @PsychCentral: Insurance Coverage Parity for Mental Health Concerns Is Getting Worse #General #PolicyandAdvocacy…

December 18

RT @PsychCentral: Check out the latest Inside Schizophrenia podcast -

December 17

RT @VeteransHealth: Do you have questions about what #VA is doing to end #Veteran homelessness? Here are some answers:…

December 17

RT @VeteransHealth: It can be easy to miss medications or lose track of your health goals during the busy holiday season. That’s why VA cre…

December 17

RT @brainline: Dr. Flora Hammond on the five dimensions of irritability after brain injury. #braininjury #TBI #LifeAfterBrainInjury @Flora…

December 16

RT @DeptVetAffairs: VA, Walmart open telehealth locations to serve Veterans in rural areas via #VAntagePoint

December 16

RT @PsychToday: Affectionate touches from mom may help toddlers become more outgoing and less prone to tantrums

December 16

RT @PsychToday: Why is it so hard to just tell the truth—even in therapy?

December 16

RT @PsychCentral: This week we interview a twenty-something who is fresh off a bipolar diagnosis and working hard to navigate her way throu…

December 16

RT @NIMHgov: If you or someone you know has a mental illness, is struggling emotionally, or has concerns about their mental health, use the…

December 12

RT @VeteransHealth: Traumatic brain injury is common among #Veterans who served in Iraq & Afghanistan. Even a mild TBI can affect health &…

December 12

RT @DeptVetAffairs: U.S. Postal Service releases stamp to raise money for Veterans with PTSD via @fox8news

December 12

RT @VA_PTSD_Info: #PTSDTreatmentWorks and can help you make sense of the #trauma you experienced. Find out why it’s important to seek treat…